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Types of Terrain


General Types of Special Terrains

Aquatic Terrain: This is an environment where water is the dominant medium. Submarine scenarios, seas, lakes, rivers, marshes, mangrove swamps (jungles covered by water), etc.

Desert Terrain: A terrain where heat and sand prevail. Game Zones with Desert Terrain could be dune deserts, stony areas, desolate savannas, etc.

Mountain Terrain: This encompasses zones at great height over the sea level, with rocky formations and little vegetation, and those territories typical of arctic and sub arctic regions. Mountain Terrains are the high, medium and low peaks, defiles, fjords, rocky slopes, ice and snow plains, tundra, etc.

Jungle Terrain: These characterize very solid woods. Rain forests, jungles, thick forests, groves, etc.

Zero-G Terrain: This is where gravity force is very weak or non-existent, requiring a different sense of direction and movement. Zero-G Terrain includes zones with atmosphere and pressure and also exterior vacuum. Possible Zero-G scenarios would be freight zones of great spacecrafts, the exterior rings of space or orbital bases, the corridors of spaceships or bases with disabled artificial gravity, etc.

Specific examples of terrain:
Example Type of Terrain MOV Difficulty of the Terrain Visibility Conditions
Beach Aquatic Difficult -
Sea Aquatic Impassable -
Swamp Aquatic Very Difficult -
Stony Area Desert Difficult -
Dunes Desert Very Difficult -
Low Mountain or Hills Mountain Difficult -
Arctic Plains Mountain Difficult -
Middle Mountain Mountain Very Difficult -
High Mountain Mountain Impassable Low Visibility
Wood Jungle Difficult Low Visibility
Jungle Jungle Very Difficult Low Visibility
Thick Jungle Jungle Impassable Zero Visibility
Zero-G Zero-G Impassable -
Storm Aquatic/ Desert/Mountain/ Jungle - Adds a level to Visibility Conditions
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