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The Shavastii are an alien race with a completely different biology to humans. Endowed with a strong survival instinct, all the Shasvastii are partially hermaphroditic, allowing them to bear a fast growth Spawn-Embryo inside them that they will later implant in enemy territory. After some time, a Shasvastii will sprout from the Spawn-Embryo, which will follow genetically codified information to continue the mission of the Shasvastii Continuum.

Spawn-Embryos can feed from the corpse of the fallen Shasvastii, so it is considered that no Shasvastii troop yields Victory Points to his enemy until his Spawn-Embryo has been wiped out.

It is therefore considered that, to count VP for victory as for Retreat! Shasvastii have three levels: Unconscious, Dead, and Spawn. When the Shasvastii is Dead, replace it with a Spawn-Embryo Marker (SPAWN-EMBRYO). The Spawn-Embryo cannot move from its location, attack, or defend itself. It has ARM 0, BTS 0 and if it suffers one Wound it must be removed from the battlefield.


- What happens if a Shasvastii receives one or more Wounds?

- When do Shasvastii give Victory Points?

- Can a model in base to base contact with a Shasvastii Spawn-Embryo use Coup de Grace?

- What is the difference between a Spawn-embryo and a Seed-embryo?

See Seed-embryo.

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